Laser Hair Removal Machine (Desktop) and Laser Hair Removal Machine (Stand-Alone)


How does the laser work? Meaning is it a stage by stage flash or can it roll whilst applying.

—The machine will only emit laser when press the button on the handle, one press one shoot.

How much power does it use per hour?

—1kw is enough, 1.5kw maximum.

These two models are our most advanced models, with advantages of:

* Higher output efficiency than usual machines

* One machine can adapt to different combinations of laser power/wavelength/spot size

* Leasing function

* Automatically add/release water

① High Output Efficiency

It is inevitable that there will be energy loss whilst in use, as far as we know, it is around 83% output efficiency for the diode laser in the market.

But for the Desktop and Stand-Alone Laser Hair Removal Machines, the output efficiency can reach 91%, which contributes a lot to the treatment results, as there will be more energy act on the treatment area, bringing better treatment results.

This means if you buy the same laser power machine, these two machines would bring better clinical response.

② One Machine Could Adapt to Different Combinations of Laser Power+ Wavelength+ Spotsize

For other machines, if you buy a machine with 500W laser power, then it can work with the 500W handle only; but these two machines can work with different handle: 500W/ 600W/ 800W….., just need to change the handle, very convenient.

With this advantage, it offers the clinics/salons a more flexible choice and help them save invest cost on machine.

For example: if you already have a 12*20mm spot size handle, and you would like a bigger spot size handle to speed up the treatment, you do not need a whole new machine, just get the bigger spot size handle.

Or, you would like another handle with only 1064nm wavelength, you can also just get the handle, do not need to buy a whole new machine.

The machine could automatically identify every handle, and memorize how many shoots have been used of each handle.

③ Leasing Function

This means you can set the numbers of shooting for easier management.

If you rent the machine to someone, then set the shooting times, when the shooting use up, the machine will pause work. If you do not need it, it will not effect your daily using.

On the days that you do not have hair removal appointment, maybe you could rent out the machine to someone else. No matter you use it or not, this option is always available.

④ Automatically Add/Release Water

Just one press of the button, the machine will do this job for you. According to our clients’ feedback, manually add water can be cumbersome and time-consuming. So our engineers put a lot of time and effort into innovation and upgrades, just for the convenience of customers.

⑤ German Handle Pipe

This pipe is of better quality: more soft, high elasticity, and more beautiful.

⑥ Handle With LCD Screen

It will show the real-time temperature of the handle tip and the total shooting numbers of the handle.

The screen brings more attractions to the machine

⑦ For all of our diode laser, we use USA COHERNET laser bar, it is one of the most famous laser brands in the market, its well-known degree speaks for their high quality.

A good laser bar ensures good treatment results and long lifetime of the machine.

⑧ While the laser bar emit energy (the handle in shooting), it release great amount of heat, so the handle tip, where touches our skin, the temperature of it need to be low enough, so our patients could feel comfortable during the treatment.

The temperature of our diode laser handle tip could go down to -10℃ and more, and fast cooling: you will see frost around the handle tip in about 2 minutes, this ensures the constant of a low temperature thus a comfortable treatment experience.

⑨The cooling for the whole machine is also very important, we use: Japanese TEC condenser+ air cooling+ closed water circulation cooling, this ensures the machine could keep shooting for 24 hours non-stop.


Machine (except the handle): two years

Handle: 5 million shots or one year, whichever comes first

The lifetime is up to 20 million shoots.

Application HeadSapphire Crystal
Repetition Rate1-10 Hz, adjustable
Pulse Duration10-400ms, adjustable
Screen Size10 inch
Wavelength808nm/ 755+808+1064nm
Spot size12*12/ 12*20/ 12*28mm
CertificateMedical CE by TUV

Price varies based on different configuration(laser power and wavelength).

Here are the available choices:

Spot SizeLaser Power, Wavelength
12*28mm1200w, 808nm
1000w, 808nm
800w, 808nm
800w, 755+808+1064nm
12*20mm800w, 808nm
600w, 808nm
600w, 755+808+1064nm
12*12mm800w, 808nm
600w, 808nm
500w, 808nm
600w, 755+808+1064nm