Sineson RF Device

    Contour your body with the Sineson SNE-7100 RF device. This industry leading RF machine burns visceral and subcutaneous fat and removes toxins within the body. The effects are a softening of skin texture, loss of weight, lifting effect on the face and body and acceleration of neo collagen generation.

    The Sineson SNE-7100 also aids with the alleviation of pain and the stimulation of subcutaneous fat to fight hair loss. The Bipolar Care feature of this device also helps to significantly reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.


    FACE CARE – Wrinkle reduction, lifting of the skin, softening of the skin texture, acne reduction.

    PAIN CARE – Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, back and shoulder pain, tennis elbow and ankle pain.

    BODY CARE – Powerful, painless fat burning at 470 KhZ frequency. Lifts skin, removes cellulite and reduces the appearance of stretch marks.

    HAIR LOSS – Prevents early-onset hair loss and promotes the re-growth of hair.

    EYE CARE – Lifts the eyelids and reduces the appearance of dark circles.

    All KDS machines come with a standard 2-year factory warranty.

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