Cryofan CF-04


Cryofan CF-04 is smaller than its recently developed counterpart the Cryofan CF-05. Manufactured since 2015, this cryogenic blower has proved its efficiency and reliability.

The main advantages of the Cryofan CF-04 include a simple design, easy handling, low weight and quiet operation. In less than six minutes the blowers temperature reaches the -100*C level required to start treatment. A ten-minute session takes only 0.75l of liquid nitrogen, which makes the device one of the most efficient cryosauna fans on the market.

The Cryofan CF-04 operates from a 40 litre unpressurized Dewar tank identical to those used in any Dewar-type cryosauna. This is a good option to complement whole-body cryotherapy with local cryotherapy treatments. Operating a cryogenic blower does not require any specific medical certification making it extremely easy and convenient to use.

Please note that a Dewar is not provided with the Cryofan CF-04. It is recommended to buy both unless you have an extra tank from a cryosauna. A Dewar tank comes with a wheeled platform for better mobility.

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