Cryomed MINI Cryosauna

Cryomed Mini was developed as a plain and affordable version of Cryomed One. Along with the look, it kept all the good things that Cryomed One features: it has a small footprint, covering only one square meter; it comes as one piece and does not require installation. Cryomed Mini is nitrogen saving, too. In addition, it has the same dual nitrogen feed, making it compatible with both pressurized and non-pressurized tanks.

One-click Wi-Fi connection enables remote diagnostics and software updates, as well as receiving daily reports to your email. In addition, Cryomed Mini can be controlled remotely.

Cryomed Mini gives you everything you need for efficient cryotherapy sessions for a reasonable price.

Standard set for Cryomed Mini includes:

  • S cabin size (internal D 75 cm x H 160 cm, external D 90 cm x H 174 cm)
  • 7’’ touch screen
  • Grey/white/black outer shell
  • Grey/blue inner upholstery
  • Open door sensor
  • Emergency stop
  • WI-FI/LAN internet connectivity
  • Remote control with a mobile device
  • Active reporting system
  • Nitrogen pressure release valve (dual version only)
  • Special footwear for sessions, 2 pairs
  • Elevator pad, 1 pc

To learn more about available colour options please contact us at [email protected]

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