360° Fat Freezing Cryolipolysis Machine

    Cryolipolysis, also known as fat freezing involves the non-invasive freezing of body fat to break down fat cells which are then metabolised by the body. This results in a reduction of body fat without damaging surrounding tissue.

    Our fat freezing cryolipolysis machine offers 360° fat freezing technology for faster weight-loss results and shorter treatment times. Four handles work simultaneously with 12 safety detectors to prevent any burn. Each machine comes with six handles in various sizes, each with pre-heating and cooling modes and a massage function.

    With custom handles attached, it typically requires 25 to 30 minutes per session. Traditional, less advanced handles usually take 35 to 60 minutes per session. This allows for you to see more clients and administer more treatments in a given day. Our 360° handles result in a treatment area that is 160% greater than traditional handles. Handles come with a food-grade silicone cup which is comfortable, safe and outperforms older styles of handle.

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    *It’s called 360° cooling technology because the handle freezes the treatment area and surrounds for a more comprehensive fat-freezing experience.

    Traditional handles only refrigerate two sides of the treatment area. 360°cooling technology is the new standard, which has become popular in recent years thanks to its improved fat freezing results.

    Apart from its advanced cooling technology, our fat freezing machine has three additional unique functions:

    Pre-warm Function: Warms the treatment area for 4 minutes before cooling. Warming temperature can be set to 39℃, 40℃ or 41℃. This function “shocks” the treatment area before commencing cool sculpting.

    Massage Function: The treatment area can the massaged by repeatedly pressing the suck and release button. This sets the machine to massage immediately after the treatment to achieve a better, more comfortable treatment experience for your client.

    Timing Function: You can set your chosen treatment time and the cryolipolysis machine will automatically stop.

    Cleaning Function: The product can be set to automatically clean itself following treatment. Using this setting will help extend the lifetime of your machine.

    Details About Spare Parts

    1. Quantity of the negative pressure pump: 4 pieces in total.

    Note: Use one pump per handle to ensure a stable and strong suction of the treatment area. Ensure an antifreeze membrane is applied over the treatment area prior to starting.

    Following Treatment

    1. Dump all the liquid in a filter cup
    2. Press the cleaning button and the machine will extract any liquid that may be left in the handle pipe and the negative pump, to prevent blockage.

    All KDS machines come with a standard 2-year factory warranty.

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