Cryofan CF-05


Cryofan CF-05 (cryogenic blower) is a compact device with a modern streamlined design to deliver safe and efficient local cryotherapy treatments. Cooled air temperature can be adjusted down to -130°C. The session time and temperature are regulated via a 7’’ touch screen.

A long flexible hose (1.4 m) and two nozzles in set, 7 mm and 9 mm, allow conveniently targeting smaller or bigger areas, depending on the treatment. 0.75 l of liquid nitrogen is sufficient for one 10- minute session with −100°C and 7 mm nozzle. With a bigger nozzle and lower temperature, the consumption will be higher. The cryofan comes with a 40-litre Dewar tank used also in our cryosaunas.

From a practical point of view, a cryogenic blower takes up little space, is affordable and cheap to operate.

It is a great option for beauty salons to complement their offer with cryo facials and anti-cellulite treatments. Mobile and easy to maneuver due to strong wheels, a cryofan can be used where and when needed, which makes it a good choice for athletes to treat overused groups of muscles or sports injuries on the spot. Beauticians, too, can benefit from easy handling while delivering beauty treatments.

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