Cryomed START Cryosauna

Cryomed START was designed for businesses, which want to start light, with minimum investment, and for home use. It has a small footprint, covering only one square meter; it comes as one piece and does not require installation. This way you save your money twice: on transportation, with only one pallet to pay for, and on assembly, with no need to spend money on a technician’s visit. In addition, you save on nitrogen, too – this model is extremely nitrogen efficient.

Cryomed START comes in one colour, dark-grey. This model does not have an electric elevator; there are five elevator pads instead. For remote diagnostics and software updates, it has a service port to connect a laptop to.

In a word, Cryomed START gives you everything you need for efficient cryotherapy sessions at an affordable price.

Standard set for Cryomed START includes:

  • S cabin size (internal D 75 cm x H 160 cm, external D 90 cm x H 174 cm)
  • 7’’ touch screen control
  • Dark-grey outer shell (no options available)
  • Grey inner upholstery (optional colors +500 EUR)
  • Open door sensor
  • Nitrogen level sensor
  • Emergency stop
  • Nitrogen pressure release valve (Dewar version only)
  • WI/FI internet connection
  • Reporting system with a mobile device
  • Special footwear, 2 pairs
  • Elevator pad, 5 pc

To visualize optional colours for the inner upholstery, please contact [email protected] (Cryomed Pro and Cryomed Start share the same upholstery colours)

To learn more about available colour options please contact us at [email protected]

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